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PES is the one who achieves greater realism in the use of the ball

Michaela posted @ Tue, 04 Nov 2014 09:48:45 +0800 in Uncategorized with tags FIFA Coins FUT Coins , 76 readers

  This year fans of football video games have great FIFA Coins to expect the month of September: FIFA 14 and PES 2014 will debut the same day (Tuesday 24) including-for the first time in its history-to the 18 teams in the league Chilean covers celebrating the local tournament. Tried the demos of both games Festigame, which closes today at Estación Mapocho. And although we do not represent the final version will be in stores, show where each company is targeting.

  New use of ball

  If there is something that unites both titles in its 2014 version is the special care we put to use the ball and action within the game.

  Both FIFA and PES, the ball has a more realistic behavior. It's much easier to lose if you are not a skilled player and no longer remains "stuck to the feet" longer than necessary, as in previous editions. For example, if you walk, it will be easier to master the ball, but if he runs will be done at the right pace, for otherwise the ball will go before you and another player can take it away.

  PES is the one who achieves greater realism in the use of the ball. Although this is not necessarily an advantage for a casual user of this type of games, like me. Too much realism does lose the ball easily and the match was interrupted more than they should, which takes away fluidity and entertainment. I'll stick with FIFA 2014.


  Both games also show a new artificial intelligence work to incorporate a more harmonious work for players that are not being controlled by the user. In both versions improved the team's collective movement, which now moves with greater realism in game tactics (as anticipate passes and moves).

  FIFA has always been a PES a game simulator and to demonstrate skills, but this time is more noticeable than ever.

  In my experience with FIFA 14, often felt to be being helped by my computer instead of cluttering. In PES 2014 is proclaimed the option of total control of actions, including playmates, so that each error is always the fault of the player to the game. There are two styles and, therefore, have created two completely different types of audiences.

  Regarding the player you control, PES 2014 is about realism like never before has characterized both FIFA. This year, for example, PES incorporates a ball-handling system at 360 degrees, very similar to what I had been doing FIFA. The system called TrueBall Tech allows finer movements. Contact between players also feels much more real, surpassing in this case even the FIFA collision systems.

  However, I feel that opting for the path of realism, PES has lost speed and vertigo (features that fans of the series looking) and although it is trying to get close to what your opponent, the execution is not as good.


  From a visual standpoint, this year PES has an advantage. Not only debuts new graphics engine (Fox Engine), but is designed only for the current consoles: PS3 and Xbox 360. And that makes both faces of the players and the stadiums are more close to the real. PES Even the public reacts to close and not statically.

  FIFA 14 will have two versions: one for current consoles and one for Xbox and PS4 One. These will look and play better, but probably not come to Chile this year (no official release date has yet).


  Another important point is the licensing. So far in PES 2014 will only be possible to play with the Chilean league in the same championship. But FIFA, as they told their directors, the teams can face any other, from anywhere in the world. That is, matches between Colo Colo and Real Madrid and Everton de Viña del Mar with Everton of England will be possible. That's a big advantage.

  Verdict: after trying both demos, my first impression is that FIFA has an advantage this race. Without risking too much and adding to what has already been built, delivered a game that feels familiar, yet different.

  PES, meanwhile, is changing all the rules of the game and although the 2014 version is far superior to that of 2013, their changes do not go in the direction that his fans were asking, it was back to the FUT Coins of the series: A agile and dynamic game.

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