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In all fans of RuneScape history awaits a real treat

 In all fans of RuneScape history awaits a real treat , in which they can go on the search for the last of the FIFA Coins Dragon Riders .

  March is with his two Grandmaster adventures a real treat for fans of RuneScape history. ' The Man Trap ' is the first of the two adventures and this week will be published . Grand Master of Adventure are no conventional adventure, for you simply have to kill a few rats. Rather, they show the mind and the decisiveness of the players to the test when they are challenged to uncover the secret history of Gielinor .

  ' The Man Trap ' sends players on a quest to Hannibus - the last of the fabled Dragon Riders . With the support of Mr. Mordaut they must follow a trail of clues throughout Gielinor to discover the history of the Dragon Rider . Here you will find the lost library of Robert the Strong , and finally must decide the fate of an endangered people.

  Upon completion of the adventure beckons players not just a series of rewards suitable for a high-level adventure, but also access to new types of dragons . The sky dragons that drop new dragon rider armor as well as valuable materials for summoning were added after a survey carried out FIFA Coins in the voting part of the " players to the power" to the game.