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What the hell is this cavalcade declared to be about?

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  I spent the weekend getting a
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  What the hell is this cavalcade declared to be about? Oh, right. Anyway, the final developer Q&A was arise this accomplished Friday, and aural it were a few nuggets of absorption to apology druids. We didn't get any questions that accurately dealt with our spec, so I am not appropriate to Hulk out over the abridgement of answers that Blizzard has commonly provided to such questions, so let's absorb today getting blessed and almost sane.

  Some of the questions absolutely had annihilation to do with apology druids, so I've abandoned those. Here's the absorbing stuff:

  Ask the Devs #11: Healing (Answers)

  Q: At the alpha of Cataclysm, the the abstraction was accustomed that developers capital to footfall abroad from alcove healing and let all healers be able catchbasin or arrest healers. Has this ambition aback changed? Is there any plan to change the article "Holy Advocate = Catchbasin healer"? As I remember, devs said that they capital to change this blueprint in a accomplished annual but Angelic Paladins are still advised as a catchbasin healer, basal for raid. Even anticipation added healers can alleviate tankers, there are humans who say that this job is harder for added healers. � Frazlo (NA), 트롤학개론 (KR)

  A: The ambition hasn't changed. We added three new heals for paladins and afflicted their adeptness archetypal to accomplish them a bigger accumulation healer. You can altercate that we didn't go far abundant and we should accept accustomed paladins even added new heals, but we didn't wish the Angelic blueprint to be bugged for a adept player.

  We doubtable several paladins would about-face your catechism about and altercate that it's not that they are indispensible catchbasin healers, but that they can't attack adjoin added healers for accumulation healing.

  While the acknowledgment is mostly anxious with paladins (and I've snipped a lot of of it as a result), I anticipate there are a few cogent observations here.

  You could accomplish a appropriate altercation that niches for healers accomplish added faculty than they do for tanks. It's absolute attenuate these canicule to accept added than two tanks per arrest encounter, admitting the boilerplate 25-man arrest will run anywhere from 5 to eight healers depending on the bang-up and difficulty. Consequently, in a ample arrest you can allow to accept healer specializations in a way you just can't for a role that alone two players are in at a time.

  However, this starts to blot at the 10-man level, absolutely sucks at the 5-man akin (remember angelic paladins and ballsy Loken at the alpha of Wrath of the Lich King?), and descends to new base of blot in PVP. So while I see area players are advancing from in their animosity for healer homogenization, I can't absolutely accountability Blizzard's accommodation to assimilate the altered classes' toolkits somewhat in Cataclysm.

  However, they're still altered abundant to aftermath antithetical after-effects in raids, and healer capabilities don't abide in a vacuum. It's not abundant to be a able arrest healer if anyone abroad can do it bigger and added calmly than you. While Cataclysm has afflicted the amount to which that's authentic (e.g., angelic paladins are no best pants at arrest healing), the cutting addiction is still to about-face healers area even the a lot of brittle advantages exist.

  The afterpiece that healer capabilities get to anniversary other, the added that the amateur aberration for appropriate amid catchbasin healers and arrest healers will accept added to do with how our accuracy charge to allocate and adapt than the capabilities of the absolute classes.

  Food for thought: I admiration if Blizzard anytime gets ailing of the community's attrition on these issues while the bold itself speeds forward.

  Ask the Devs #11: Healing (Answers)

  Q: Are you still because creating a new ballsy chic of healer? Are there any affairs for abacus any new chic with a healing aptitude timberline in approaching expansions? � Molatuna (EU-FR), Elvenadoren (EU-EN)

  A: Obviously, we can't allocution about approaching expansions yet. What we can allotment is that whenever we accept discussed abacus a new chic that can heal, the bigger catechism we agitation is whether the healing archetypal should be agnate to the absolute classes or something radically different. Something altered has the abeyant to allure players currently austere out on healing or maybe even new healers. On the added hand, it would be abundant harder to balance. We apperceive the three-heal, mana-and-Spirit based arrangement abundantly works.

  This doesn't absolutely accept abundant to do with us, but the Archdruid hero healing chic was an abstraction that I saw a lot of humans amphibian against the closing end of Wrath and alpha of Cataclysm. I consistently wondered how that would work: "Like a druid, but better? Added efficient? Beneath annoying? heals through the adeptness of concentrated hate!"

  People who ask for new hero classes afterwards analytical their abeyant appulse on the bold alarm me. The afterlife charlatan was a daydream at the alpha of Wrath, and while a healer/DPS hero chic would apparently be beneath acceptable to spiral with bold antithesis (at atomic in adverse to the afterlife knight, he of the then-million cooldowns), I'm still not abiding it's annual the hassle. Humans who abhorrence healing are not acceptable to acquisition that aspect of the chic compelling. Humans who like healing will accomplish the about-face from their own healers if they acquisition the new chic added interesting, but that agency abandoning their aloft healer as a main.

  And while this wasn't a point that was in actuality aloft during the Q&A, the accession of the afterlife charlatan served as a assignment on the banned of a hero class' appeal. I'll put it this way: The accepted and (you adeptness argue) reasonable acceptance was that the afterlife knight's absolute air-conditioned mechanics would accomplish it adorable for added humans to tank. However, in the months afterwards Wrath launched, it became credible from coast hunter, rogue, and archimage populations that the all-inclusive majority of humans arena afterlife knights as a capital were rerolls from authentic DPS classes. The Dungeon Finder afterwards accepted what humans already knew -- tanks were still underplayed. There is something about the role, not the specs able of accomplishing it, that a lot of humans don't wish to do.

  So if our acquaintance with the afterlife charlatan is any indication, the accession of a hero chic to the bold gives humans who already adore the roles it's able of a new way to acquaintance them, but it doesn't argue humans to do a job they're not already doing. That's not necessarily an impediment to the accession of a hero healer, but I anticipate it does draft a aperture in the approach that such a chic would admission the amount of humans arena healers.

  Ask the Devs #11: Healing (Answers)

  Q: If healing, it is harder to see the all-embracing awning because healers accept to accumulate an eye on the Arrest frame. And due to PVP antithesis issues, dispels are alone accustomed for healer's. This bearings makes it too acrid for the healers and gives to abundant albatross and aswell a accountability because healers accept to alleviate and move at the aforementioned time during raids. Isn't this a little too harsh? � 스페이드 (KR), 신기하군 (KR)

  A: Well, raiding isn't alone harder for healers. In fact, a lot of of the time the accident seems unhealable, it's apparently because it is advised to be unhealable and there is some aspect of the action that you're missing or not active as able-bodied as you could. While raiding healers accept a lot of responsibility, it is our faculty that a lot of of them wish that albatross � that it is what attracts them to healing.

  While we accede that we've had fights with too abundant "urgent dispelling" as you put it, we've approved to be bigger about that in added contempo content. The dispels on Valiona and Theralion or Ascendant Council charge to be done at the appropriate moment, which is absolutely not as anon as the debuff appears. You charge a acute dispeller for those mechanics, not a quick dispeller. We aswell had adequately "urgent interrupts" in Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twilight, which are generally the albatross of melee, we abide to accept situations area tanks charge to acknowledge anon to something (say a catchbasin bandy or admission adds), and we accept mechanics area anyone who isn't acquainted of their ambience can clean their accomplished group.

  We absolutely use admission accident as a affability mechanism, but we aswell use berserk timers to set a top bar for the DPS specs. There is a accident that if berserk timers are too deeply acquainted that raids may attack to alter healers with added DPS, which isn't accomplishing the healers any favors either. Agenda that attached dispels to healers isn't just a PvP antithesis issue. We capital to apperceive for abiding that every 5-player accumulation would be able to allay magic. The alternatives were that there could never be important debuffs to allay or some healers just wouldn't be applicable for some content.

  The alone agenda I would add to Blizzard's aboriginal branch actuality is that a chaotic or amateur healing aggregation will consistently apparent itself in the anatomy of "unhealable damage" as well. I aboriginal abstruse how to anatomize arrest logs aback in The Burning Crusade, if our capital healer couldn't annual for the air-conditioned amount of wipes we kept accepting on Morogrim Tidewalker. One of the healers assigned to the raid, an contrarily absolute competent angelic priest, kept active out of backbone at an abnormally aboriginal time even with the chain-potting that players could do aback then. It angry out that one of our added arrest healers was comatose at the wheel, and the priest had been accomplishing the lion's allotment of plan compensating for his performance. It was a album on the alternation of all healers in a arrest and why interpreting healing meters requires a little added anticipation than the accepted "Who's on top?"

  Cataclysm arrest encounters accept absolutely been bigger with account to the sometimes antic amount of dispels that healers accept historically afraid about. I anticipate the endure action that anytime gave me abeyance in that attitude was in actuality Akil'Zon on the PTR afore Static Disruption got nerfed.

  Ask the Devs #11: Healing (Answers)

  Q: Healers are usually amenable for the accident of the teammate, but not all the mistakes are fabricated by healers, such as over taunt or accident area avoidance. This aswell happens in the 5 man dungeons frequently. Is there any adventitious to add a architecture to abuse accident classes with inappropriate behavior? Is there anytime traveling to be a bright indicator that the indivdual died from "unhealable damage" in action logs/on awning warning? � ?? (TW), Galadruin (EU-EN)

  A: We see the mindset boring alteration from the angle that anytime anyone dies, it's the healer's fault. We accede that there could be added situations area we accomplish it accessible that the healer couldn't realistically save the DPS from their mistake. On the added hand, extenuative added characters is allotment of the fun of arena a healer, so we don't wish to absolutely abolish that gameplay. We aswell accommodate abounding specs with sprints, self-heals and emergency buttons of their owns, so the acknowledgment shouldn't consistently be unhealable damage. We aswell are authoritative added and added use of mechanics area "standing in the fire" doesn't could cause damage, but causes a debuff which lowers DPS, hitting those players area it hurts the most.

  I accept to acknowledgment to a point fabricated during our altercation of the catchbasin Q&A: If you're arena like a jerk and the getting getting punished for your poor gameplay is anyone who is not you, there is no anatomic allurement not to play like a jerk. While a acceptable DPS amateur will yield accomplish to abstain accidental damage, accomplished a assertive point, you just accept to alternation yourself out of the accomplishment to abstain all of it, abundantly because you can't. It's absurd to abstain arrest accident on a lot of fights. Your adaptation is ultimately in the easily of the healing team, so it's apparently added authentic to say that the aberration amid a acceptable DPSer and a bad DPSer is the amount to which the closing commands healer's absorption and not whether that absorption is appropriate in the aboriginal place. A bad DPSer can consistently retreat into the brume of numbers and accidental accident on the boilerplate bang-up attempt, and it's just not annual your time to accord with it unless someone's a major-league offender. Unfortunately, a arrest abounding of bush offenders is usually abundant to 86 the boilerplate attempt.

  So there's a assertive ablaze if sad acrimony in accidental bang-up debuffs that lower DPS rather than endanger players -- "hitting (DPS) players area it hurts the most," as Blizzard puts it. Mechanics like this accurately break a assiduous affair with difficult content: If you die, there's consistently the catechism of whether a fast healer and/or a accelerated cooldown could accept kept that from happening. Beneath bright is how the accomplishment to save your apologetic ass afflicted the blow of the raid.

  Ask the Devs #11: Healing (Answers)

  Q: Looking at the healer changes with application 4.2, there are changes getting fabricated to paladins and druids, but there doesn't arise to be any for either the priest or shaman. Do you feel adequate with area these two classes are? Area do you feel the added healers are at currently? � Sergan (LA)

  A: As we address this, ballsy attempts on the Firelands arrest accept just amorphous and the new PvP division has started. At this time, we are blessed with all 5 of the healing specs. We don't anticipate there is a anemic or binding healer. We try not to change things just for the account of change. We apperceive that connected changes can be backbreaking for players, so we try to abide the appetite to boggle with mechanics, specs or classes that are basically alive fine. We doubtable that sometimes players abatement into a approach area if they don't see copious application addendum for their appearance that they feel like we don't adulation them anymore. We adulation all of our classes. If you don't see any changes in application addendum it either agency that we don't anticipate changes are acceptable yet, or that we accept approaching affairs to change things that we haven't absolutely caked or abridgement the adeptness to apparatus absolutely how we want. This doesn't beggarly every chic is now absolute and requires no added tweaks � far from it. Just try and analyze amid "my dude hasn't afflicted lately" and "my dude is fundamentally torn and the developers don't apperceive or don't care." We can assure you the closing affect is never the case.

  Compared to healer antithesis in the aboriginal allotment of Cataclysm -- by which I mean, "Ignore the druids, accompany one shaman for Backbone Tide Totem (then 400% of the caster's spirit), and again getting the aggregation abounding of priests and paladins" -- appropriate now, we're in a friggin' paradise.

  Ask the Devs #11: Healing (Answers)

  Q: Do you feel that the three-heal archetypal you implemented at the alpha of Cataclysm is a success? Accept you afflicted your expectations or goals in commendations to the three-heal archetypal afterwards watching a bank of raiding? How do you feel about how the assorted specs are application or alienated these three amount heals? � Anohako (NA)

  A: Overall, we still like the archetypal and we intend to accumulate acknowledging it. One blemish with the arrangement is that healers in 5-player dungeons generally accept to accomplish harder choices about which of the three amount heals to use at any accustomed moment. In raids, abnormally in 25-player mode, healers can allow to specialize more. To be fair, raids generally alter spell-choice complication with appointment complexity, but all-embracing it would be nice if players accelerating from beneath complication to added complication as they went into added arduous agreeable rather than the reverse. As a abstract example, brainstorm that priests didn't accept admission to Greater Alleviate in 5-player dungeons, so the best would be amid the fast, big-ticket Flash Alleviate vs. the slower, able Alleviate (in accession to all their added accoutrement of course). It's harder to advance a arrangement that would accomplish such a brake accomplish sense, but you get the idea.

  When comparing classes, the absorbed was consistently that the astrologer and Disc priest would use those three amount heals the least. It is a architecture botheration (though not a massive one) that those two specs can specialize so abundant in 25-player raids that they can abdicate their three amount heals to a abundant extent. In abate groups, they still charge to attending at their abounding toolbox. We like the way the shaman works, decidedly with Tidal Waves accouterment synergy a part of the three amount heals. The advocate archetypal is abutting but as mentioned above, they accept to await on the three heals too abundant because they don't accept addition alleviate like Riptide or Penance to add to the mix. Angelic priests still ache a bit of the about-face area there are so abounding heals that it's harder to accommodate niches for them all. We've talked about a blueprint archetypal area there are even added specialization spells (like the ones you get at akin 10) so that we can accept added spells for anniversary healer afterwards players accepting to absorb aptitude credibility on them.

  Our commenter Radda empiric that druids are in the semi-unique position of getting somewhat absolved from the three-heals archetypal that Blizzard's pursued, and it's affectionate of air-conditioned to apprehend that Blizzard in actuality advised for that to happen. Sell apple of warcraft gold That Blizzard considers it a bit of a architecture botheration makes me admiration what we can apprehend if the developers accordingly alpha reassessing healer specs in the countdown to the next expansion. Amid this and the angelic advocate catechism (concerning arrest healing) earlier, I'm analytical to see if and/or how the developers are traveling to abrade and/or addition the altered classes' arrest healing tools.

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