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Tackle success rate is being raised

  FIFA Coins From presentation and animation enhancements to increased AI realism, FIFA 15 is setting out to provide a wide variety of game changing elements and upgrades. Based on a few hours spent playing a build of the game said to be 50 percent complete here are ten of the most interesting alterations.


  Feeling the emotion

  FIFA 15′s main objective is to present the game in a way that feels as close as possible to what you can expect when watching football on TV. To recreate that sensation, each player now has his own system of emotions influencing their on-pitch reactions, expressions and relationships.For example, a feisty midfield battle between two opponents will cause them to become visibly aggravated; they’ll point the finger, angrily converse and push and shove each other whenever in close quarters.

  Teammates react in a similar way. After an early goalkeeping error a defender may well offer condolences and encouragement to his number one, but further mishaps from the same player will lead to criticism from his own team. Supposedly, there are 600 different reactions that can potentially play out over the course of a single game.These emotions are purely visual, they do not affect the gameplay at all. A criticised player will perform no differently than a praised one. Despite that, seeing Steven Gerrard give Daniel Sturridge a telling off for missing too many shots does add a genuine touch of personality to the action.

  CPU-controlled opponents now take the context of the match into account when defining their tactical approach. For example, if there are only a few minutes remaining in a cup final, and your opponent is a goal up, then you can expect them to sit back and defend with 11 men behind the ball. Switch the situation around, with you winning, and they will throw everything at you.This same idea applies from the opening kickoff of certain matches, too. You might be involved in a two-legged match, with the first leg ending 3-0 to the CPU. In this situation you can be fairly safe in predicting that they’re going to ‘park the bus’ and defend their lead. It’s up to you to work out how to beat such tactics.

  Improved tackling


  Tackle success rate is being raised, bringing it more in line with the real-life game. According to EA Canada, FIFA 14′s tackle success rate averaged out at roughly 50 percent, whereas in FIFA 15 it’s currently sitting at between 70 and 80 percent – although that balance may be tweaked before release day.

  Clearly, the goal here is to no longer favour attacking players in one-on-one encounters – the world’s best defenders now finally able to hold their ground against elite dribblers such as Arjen Robben and Lionel Messi. It should also give players that prefer defensive tactics more freedom to lock the down pitch in an effort to keep clean sheets.

  Don’t think that improvements to tackling results in fewer scoring chances. In the line with the changes to a team’s overall AI approach, individual players are being tweaked to allow them to more intelligently find space and time their runs to match the flow of play. Therefore, while it’s more difficult to take on an entire team’s defence by yourself, passing your way through the lines is more a valid option than ever. Such improvements apply to each of the game’s players, not just the attackers; helping you pass the ball out of defence during potentially FUT Coins moments, or allowing you to opt for a calmer, slower possession-based game.

meters seamus has suddenly been top ginobli

  The Brazilian World Cup FIFA Coins F first round 2014, Argentina 2-1 victory of bosnia and herzegovina, the maracana stadium in Rio DE janeiro to obtain the good start. Messi scored and oolong, Iraq than shed has scored.Messi competition eventually break goals: a much-anticipated messi this World Cup debut, it should be said or satisfactory, in addition to make oolong free-kick, messi also relies on the iconic had fired, this is Lionel messi this World Cup ball, also broke the 10 games competition not scoring goals.Lionel messi in the World Cup full resurrection of blood!

  As the new army of the World Cup, bosnia and herzegovina in their first appearance at the World Cup, although opener against Argentina, the World Cup the odds-on favorites to win the bosnian still play rhythm, left a deep impression to the person.Substitute the Iraq than shed has scored in the 84th minute of bosnia and herzegovina in the history of the World Cup's first goal!Is a historic moment.

  3th minutes, jose, itzhak backcourt foul down aguero, messi play free-kick into the box, rojo header rubs, ball in la cena, leg play into their doors, Argentina 1-0 lead!

  13th Minutes, meters seamus has suddenly been top ginobli, "los the offside trap into the box, but slightly larger ball romero act fast.41 minutes, pia, free kick on the right side, front Lu Liji header, romero fly emergency!

  55th minutes, Lionel messi, aguero shot higher on the left of the penalty area.60 minutes, bosnia and herzegovina backcourt passes, Lionel messi, aguero area on the right side of shooting prowess by goalkeeper BeiGe were saved.

  65th minute, Lionel messi and gonzalo higuain do cooperate with transverse in the terminal dribbling out of defenders left foot a low, into the ball hit the pillar inside the gate, the score turned out to be a 2-0.

  84th minute, straight Senad Lulic, Iraq has low into the box left foot, the ball from FUT Coins legs across the roll into the gate, 1 to 2!

The FIFA 15 release for consoles is now just 3 days away

The FIFA Coins release for consoles is now just 3 days away, and a few days ago we discussed the fact that many people were also waiting for news of FIFA 15 Android and FIFA 15 iOS app availability. Although the FIFA 15 Utimate Team app on Android has now gone live, the iPhone still waits. As you can imagine, this is leading to frustration among iOS device users who are eager to play the game.

  When we previously reported on the countdown to the FIFA 15 app for Android and iOS, we mentioned that rather strangely the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app had released on iTunes for iPhone and iPad, but only for Canada. It’s shown on iTunes Canada, but we’ve taken another look and it still appears to be the case that its not yet available elsewhere. This situation will certainly vex FIFA fans in the UK, USA and other countries that are still itching to play the game.

  This is also exacerbated by the fact that the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app for Android is now readily available from Google Play. This released a couple of days ago as a free app, although in-app purchases are available. It’s compatible with Android devices running 2.3.3 or later and so far it has reached a user rating of 4.5/5 stars on the app description.

  We can understand why iPhone and iPad owners are wondering why those on the Android platform have had access to FIFA 15 UT before iOS users. This could be down to the review process for iTunes FUT Coins longer, so it looks as though the wait will continue.

These attacks brought to a halt World of Warcraft and the entire Battle

A collection of ne'er–do–wellers that go by the name of FIFA Coins Squad inflicted significant denial of service attacks to large online gaming networks over the weekend. These attacks brought to a halt World of Warcraft and the entire Battle.net system, PSN, League of Legends, and Path of Exile. Service to all networks has so far been restored.


  The group also took things to a new level by issuing a bomb threat to Sony Online Entertainment's President John Smedley flight to San Diego. This, of course, triggers an FBI response and brings things to a whole new level of national security -- Sony is now not commenting any more due to the high level of the crime. Several people have said that claiming "national security" is an overreaction, however if this group really did manage to get an explosive device on to the executive's plane, then it means there are major holes in airport security.

  It's likely that this group of script kiddies just didn't realize how incredibly dumb it is to make such a threat, and will soon find themselves facing terrorism charges, with the DDoS charges just an after thought.

  One thing to keep in mind; your data in Blizzard's servers was never in any jeopardy. A DDoS attack is like turning on a thousand faucets in your bathtub all at once and watching the tub's drain not be able to handle the extra water flow. The tub is fine (as is your data), it's just completely useless until the FUT Coins get turned off.

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They are a hybrid class capable of fulfilling any of the three roles in the game

 Paladins are extremely FIFA Coins class in "World of Warcraft" and, because of this, they can be hard to play. They are a hybrid class capable of fulfilling any of the three roles in the game, those being healing, tanking or damage. The best weapons for your Paladin will be completely different depending on your role and whether you are gearing your character up for PvE or PvP. So this article will show you how to choose weapons for your Paladin.

  1. Determine your Paladin need. Again, this will depend on your specifications. Retribution Paladins are the intensity, attack strength and agility. Protection Paladins need stamina and spell damage. There may be some intelligence and spell hit. Holy Paladins need stamina, intelligence and treatment. If you are using mixed norms, decide which you need most.

  2. Look for 2-handed weapon for your retribution paladin. 2-handed Maces, Swords and Axes are the best choice for retribution Paladins, which are high on strength and attack power. Some examples of good Ret Paladin weapons are the Lionheart Blade, Gorehowl, the Oathkeeper and the Hammer of the Naaru.

  3. In the case of protection Paladins you need to choose slow single handed maces and swords which will be effective weapons for your paladin character. For the best protection paladin weapons, you will need to travel into Hyjal or Sunwell. These will be difficult to obtain, but they sure are perty. Stamina, intelligence and spell damage is important things to look at while building up your protection paladin.

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Furthermore you will also be able to learn about ultimate team packs

 FIFA Coins fever is increasing rapidly among football fans since its release.Check out the following guide,Using this guide you will be able to build your very own Ultimate Team which will be powerful and have great chemistry with the players. Furthermore, we take a look at how you can earn gold coins faster and some of the top rated players in dribbling, kick taking, defense and more.

  Furthermore you will also be able to learn about ultimate team packs, how you can celebrate, perform skill moves and a video guide for some of the trophies and achievements. And finally, we take a look at some of the hidden gems, legends and potential young players that you can have in your team. The game is now available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One and PC. The game is published by EA Sports and developed by EA Canada.

  Building a powerful Ultimate Team with a powerful Chemistry:

  One of the key elements in developing a powerful team is chemistry between the players. This can be achieved by placing players in their preferred position or getting a manager who has the same nationality as the player. Players bought via the Transfer Market would need to play at least 10 matches before they become loyal to the team. Once the players are loyal they will receive a chemistry boost.

  The other way to build the perfect team is to utilize Transfer Market effectively. You can sell or buy any items for your squad. This is an effective way to get rid of items that you may no longer need.

  Friendly Season: In this year’s iteration players can play against their friends instead of someone you don’t know.

  Team of the Week: Every week, the game will showcase the best Ultimate of the week. What’s more? You can also challenge them. Team of the week items are available by chance when opening team packs.

  Earning Gold Coins Faster And Packs: Let us get the obvious out of the way. You need to play as many matches as you can and win most of them. Challenge your friends in Friendly Seasons mode or play Offline and Online Seasons to earn coins. This will surely net you a lot of coins. Furthermore, you can also transfer your FIFA Points between Xbox 360 and Xbox One or between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. So if you have cross gen versions, this will help you gain coins for whatever versions you want to play on.

  New Legends: FIFA 15 features new legendary players that you can bring into your ultimate team. The new players includes Franco Baresi, Franz Beckenbauer, Laurent Blanc, Andreas Brehme, Roberto Carlos, Brian Laudrup, Michael Laudrup, Roy Keane, Bobby Moore, Jay-Jay Okocha, Butrague?o Santos, Peter Schmeichel, Alan Shearer, Hristo Stoichkov and FUT Coins Valderrrama.

 Higuain after scoring quite excited

 Belgium defeated Argentina 1-0 to enter World Cup semi-final. Before the game, Napoli FIFA Coins has been in the focus of public opinion being, because he has not had to score, just outside Iraq Higuain questioned highest in the World Cup when Higuain come out forcefully fight back the voices of doubt.

  Knockout is the best test of a great player. Some players started out in the group stage of color, there are some players grow up in pressure, find themselves in the voices of doubt. Belgium, Argentina kicked out of his best games in the World Cup, just before the game for a lot of criticism Argentina, Argentine media that did not play well, the team needs to Macy too, are looking forward less than goals, often rely on luck to win. But for Belgium, Argentina kicked convincing football, but Higuain with a wave of the world proves that Argentina is not the only Massey.

  Wearing jersey No. 9, the Argentine Higuain need to prove their identity to a single center in the game against Belgium. This is not easy, you know, in the Argentine national team, Higuain's goal drought has up to 11 months. Switzerland's game, Higuain shot four times, only 1 hit the door frame, lost the ball 10 times, 18 times pass only the goalkeeper Romero and more than five times. In the World Cup qualifying stage, Higuain state well, started all 11 games, and Argentina scored nine goals, is second only to Macy's squad shooter. When opener Chile, Higuain scored a hat trick. In the game against Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Chile when Higuain both scored 1 goal. Scored twice in the game against Venezuela.

  Higuain seems lost associate head in the World Cup, he did not score, nor confidence. But the Argentine squad, "Ole" said, as players like Higuain do wait was worth it, he used a real World Cup proved himself. Argentina's match against Belgium just to the first seven minutes, Higuain to achieve a goal, the Argentine midfielder Fanqiang launched an offensive midfielder Lionel Messi pass to Di Maria, who tries to spread to middle the ball, but end it passed to change to the other players legs, but the ball was just in front of the penalty area flew Higuain side. What a "small pipe", he ranged the ball landed, direct lift right leg volley, the ball-like shells from a dead fly as goal nets, Courtois impossible to stop.

  Higuain after scoring quite excited, he kept shouting, ran near the corner area to celebrate, while Messi and other teammates quickly came up. Higuain's goal gave Argentina an early lead, established the psychological advantage, avoiding the generation of persistent situation. This is Higuain scored in the first 23 national team, but also his first five goals in the World Cup. Recalling the last World Cup performance, Higuain indeed impressive. South Africa World Cup, Higuain scored four goals, while still a hat-trick against South Korea.

  Four games before the World Cup Higuain crop failure, against Switzerland, a small pipe four times failed to grasp the great opportunity. The entire second half 45 minutes, Higuain up front just two passes, but also mistakes a completely stealth. But for Belgium, Higuain with a goal for himself relieved. Before the World Cup, many fans optimistic about Messi, Aguero, Higuain threesome. In Aguero retire because of injury, Higuain states away, facing a "weak front" troubled Argentine Lionel Messi rely solely on one person, but now back the feeling.

  Belgium, Higuain in the second half and once flashed Emmanuel prove their status in recovery, when Azar backcourt steals, Perez the right to fight back, Higuain Chuandang had lost Kompany, broke restricted area 14 meters away from the door volley hit the crossbar! Higuain World Cup history six players shot in the FUT Coins of Naples. Argentina in the World Cup 24 times hit the door, tied for fourth place with France.

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 The football field at Monrovia’s Antoinette Tubman Stadium

 FIFA Coins and the United Nations have decided today to join forces in the effort to stop the spread of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

  The football field at Monrovia’s Antoinette Tubman Stadium, donated by FIFA to the Liberia Football Association, will serve as the site for two urgently needed large-scale Ebola treatment units.

  After the World Health Organization (WHO) identified the FIFA football pitch as the most suitable location in terms of effectiveness and safety, FIFA – one of whose missions is “to build a better future” – immediately expressed its support for the proposed action to convert the pitch into treatment units.

  FIFA President Blatter said that, “thanks to the continuous fruitful and fundamental collaboration between FIFA and the United Nations, today we can use the power of football to combat the Ebola epidemic. To allay any concerns regarding the impact of the treatment units on the recently installed pitch, FIFA has also proposed to cover the costs of any damage.”

  Wilfried Lemke, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General of the United Nations on Sport for Development and Peace added, “The Ebola outbreak also has a tremendous impact on the sport community, ranging from health threats to the athletes themselves and restrictions of travel affecting competitions and the development of sport. National authorities, the UN and the world of sport need to work closely together in order to halt the spread of the disease. The commitment of sport organisations to support our efforts is very much welcomed and crucial. It is my hope that many will join in this fight. In particular I was very pleased to note FIFA’s pledge to support health-related measures by agreeing to cover potential damages to the football pitch of the Antoinette Tubman stadium in Monrovia, Liberia that has been earmarked for the use for Ebola treatment centres.”

  The collaboration will go beyond the lending of the Monrovia pitch. At its next Finance Committee meeting on 25 September, FIFA will propose to use resources from its solidarity fund to support the member associations of the affected countries (Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea) in the fight against Ebola. The additional FUT Coins support will have to be spent in solidarity with a local UN initiative.