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The club has a close relationship




  Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic delivered three PlayStation 4s, along with games and controllers Francis House Children’s HospiceManchester United footballers Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand with youngsters at Francis House Children's HospiceManchester United stars Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic displayed the kind of form their team has been lacking when they visited sick patients at Francis House Children’s Hospice.

  The defensive duo dropped in to deliver three PlayStation 4s, along with games and controllers, and ended up with a win and a draw after challenging some of the youngsters to FIFA 14.

  The visit allowed sick young children to mingle with the players and pose for photographs as they battled it out on the football game.

  Rio, 35, said: “The club has a close relationship with the hospice and the lads enjoy seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces as well as meeting the families who receive such great support and care.”

  Francis House provides care for many terminally ill children who suffer from diseases including cancer and degenerative neuromuscular conditions.

  The club works with the hospice through Manchester United Foundation, who organised the event, and together they have raised nearly £700,000 in the last seven years.

  Next month, the Didsbury site will open a new £3.5 million seven-bedroom extension, allowing the hospice to care for more youngsters.

  Reds fan Patrick Kelly, nine, from Sale, has been coming to Francis House since he was three and was quick to get an autograph from Rio, before the two played FIFA 14.

  “It’s all been really fun and exciting and I got to play a game even http://www.coininfifa.com/ sadly I lost,” said Patrick.

  “I can now say I’ve played a game of football for Manchester United against Rio Ferdinand.”

  Paul, Patrick’s father, added: “Days like this are superb as Patrick can just be himself. Next time we’ll have to challenge Rio to a game of power chair football.”

  Christian Darlington, 16, from Milnrow, Rochdale, matched up against United captain, Vidic, and held the 32-year-old Serb to a draw.

  He said: “It was a special treat to meet the players and it was great to play Vidic on the PlayStation.”

  Francis House chief executive, David Ireland, said visits like these mean the world to the children.

  He said: “There was real excitement when Rio and Nemanja came through the doors. Francis House is all about making the most of life and cramming in as many great experiences into as short a time as possible.”

  The charity is now seeking daredevils to raise funds by abseiling from the roof of Old Trafford on FUT 15 Coins.

 Kovermans always lived up to the objectives

  Besides,the municipality needs to complete the area purchase Runescape 2007 Gold at Ludhiana municipal international airport at the first so that the errant can be enhanced for the getting of bigger aircraft.One hopes that the Mohali international airport also satisfies its due date and gets efficient within this season.The All Native indian Soccer Federation (AIFF) desires to have professional campaigners on board,before the Native indian group finally starts its preparations,for the future I-Leagues andrunescape gold tournament.It was lately,that Kushal Das,the Chief Financial Officer of the ICC and International Management Group (IMG) Native indian,was hired as the General Assistant of the AIFF,for the second time,in Nov 2013 for a span of three decades.It was first in Nov 2010 that Das was hired for the same publish.The present AIFF Chief executive Praful Patel considers that these professional campaigners generate a lot of experience with them.http://www.coininfifa.com/

  The experience would further help the aspiring skills of the Native indian football,to perform to the best of their ability.Apart from Das,the two other associates who got a seasons expansion were runescape gold(Technical director) and Wim Kovermans (National Team Coach).He would also be a fundamental element of the India's strategy 2014 Incheon Oriental Games.It was in July 2012,The All Native indian Soccer Federation hired former Holland football player Wilhelmus Jacobus Kovermans,famously known as Wim Kovermans,as the new head trainer of the Native indian nationwide football group.Ever since,Kovermans has always been a fundamental element of the Native indian football group,be it on board or on house ground.

  Kovermans always lived up to the objectives of the AIFF.This is another objective that the AIFF wanted to improve his contract,with the Native indian football group.There has been a lot happening,ever Since Praful Patel,the AIFF Chief executive,got house the rights to variety the Under 17 FIFA World Cup.He also said that he would traveling to a few nations this season,to enhance India's possibilities of winning the bid,to variety the Club Championships,to be organized in 2015-16.Native indian has already placed the bid and Patel considers that the nation has a FUT 15 Coins possibility,of brining a few more laurels house.

history in South Africa at the 4 World Cup

Germany to break the curse: history in South Africa at the 4 World Cup, South American teams will Runescape 2007 Gold become the last championship, this time, Germany has finally broken the "European teams have never been in South America won the" spell, lift the world cup in Brazil!Keluoze answers a curtain call: This is the 36 year old World Cup appearance against Keluoze, K the God 4 times in the world cup, scoring 16 goals, has gone beyond the Ronaldo, this is Keluoze's twenty-fourth World Cup matches, away from the 25 field of Matthaeus just 1 matches.

Germany lucky unlucky: in the warm-up match, he unfortunately pulled a calf muscle, young fellow Cramer lucky to get the first play of chance, this is their midfield this world cup starting for the first time at the age of 23, but he played only 31 minutes because of Whangarei contusion was changed,too bad!Brazil World Cup scoring record: 171 flat for overtime in the goal, is the world cup with 171st goals, tied 98 France World Cup goals. No doubt, this is a crazy world cup!Data analysisStatistics from the data point of view, both sides are shot 10 times, 5 times shoots Germany is,Argentina had 0 shots. The German ball control rate reached 64%, the corner is 5 to 3 lead, in general, today the German team were the better team, won the final victory deserved.After the voiceMascherano (Argentina midfielder): "miss the world cup champion, this is my most painful moment in life, we were so near distance world champion. Now we must raise his head, trying to overcome all this."Savelli A (Argentina coach): "sad to have missed the champions, but at the same time as proud of my players, their best efforts."Rahm (Germany captain): "win the feeling is really wonderful! This is my occupation career peak, is unbelievable!"Media comment

Argentina "ole newspaper": "24 years later, Argentina again in the World Cup final defeat toGermany, this is a heavy blow. However, Argentina's performance is very excellent, played a good game, we should send the applause to them."Brazil "Universal Sports:" the end "! The German team is the Brazil world cup! They are the world cupthe best team, always has the stable performance, they deserve the honor."The German "kicker": "thank you for! We won Fourth World Cup champion! Argentina played their world cup the best game, created some good chances, but the German team is very active, http://www.coininfifa.com/ the fighting before the penalties."The players scoreMessi (7.5 points): spell to vomiting, try our best, but not the title.The grid plan (8 points): substitute! In the world cup's most important goals, help Germany won the world cup.Hulle (7.5 points): substitute performance, assists for complete victory.Keluoze (7 points): World Cup appearance against, follow Germany won the world cup!The line-upMessi from the king only 1 steps: the occupation career award to get soft Messi only 1 World Cuptrophy, flea from the king only 1 step, despite his spell to vomiting, try our best, but also can only look at the German coronation.HighlightsThirtieth minutes, Messi pick the right, Ravitch right 45 degree angle Xiezhuan area, Gonzalo Higuainin front of the outflanking left broke, but the linesman flagged for offside, goal disallowed.Thirty-seventh minutes, Muller left the breakthrough flashed back cross, xuerle follow right foot tuishe Romero was saved. Fortieth minutes, Messi breaks Hoewedes enters the forbidden area pick over the attack of Neuer, Boateng made clear on the line key!Forty-fifth minutes, cross corner biography, Hoewedes header Gongmen hit to pop up in the column!The ball hit the offside position on the Muller bomb to the door, Romero ball puzhu.Ninety-seventh minutes, Rojo pass, Hummel J header roof fall, Palacio one-on-one with Neuer into thewide shots missed!113rd minutes into the game, xuerle left break in, the grid plan before the FUT 15 Coins chest to unload the ball ground strafing German break, leading Argentina 1-0!

squeezed into the World Cup

 Can Cristiano Ronaldo be fit for Portugal’s opening World Cup against Germany was Runescape 2007 Gold into further doubt. The coach Paulo Bento refused to reveal his return.

  Ronaldo, 29-year-old, failed once more to train with the rest of his teammates, as they went through their paces ahead of Friday’s friendly with fellow World Cup qualifiers Mexico in the US.

  Portugal will meet strongly-fancied Germany in their opening match on June 16. At this rate, they could be without their star player and talisman, who was already ruled out of the Mexico game because of persistent leg injuries.

  The Real Madrid forward has a left thigh injury and tendinitis in the http://www.coininfifa.com/ of the same leg. Even if Ronaldo is free of injury, it seems increasingly unlikely that he will be match-fit.

  Bento said: “ when he’s ready to play is a decision that will be made just like any other player, regardless of who it is. I’m not at liberty to discuss at full length the situation. As soon as he is ready to train, we will make that announcement. We have to prepare for Germany regardless. The decision of if he will play and when is up to me, the play and the doctors. Ronaldo is not the only good player we have.”

  Portugal, squeezed into the World Cup, faces a mounting injury crisis. Key defender Pepe with a left leg injury and experienced midfielder Raul Meireles are also ruled out. Pepe seems to be fit for the World Cup. The coach stated that it all depended on the situation and how he would be, then they would decide.

  It seems a little bit tough for Portugal this FUT 15 Coins, but nothing is impossible. Only time can tell. Read more: PS4 FIFA Coins

 In Italy we need to start reviewing things

  Former Runescape 2007 Gold Italy and AC Milan boss Arrigo Sacchi has left his role as technical coordinator of youth development with the Italian Football Federation after four years. The 68-year-old cited overwhelming stress as the main reason behind his decision to step down.

  "I am leaving behind an assignment which I care a lot about, but I have a terrible adversary - one I was able to manage for 22 or 23 years but that is now winning the battle - and that is stress," he told FIGC.it. "I have neglected my daughter and I don't want to do the same thing with my granddaughter, who was born two and a half years ago. I am no longer a young man and my recovery is slower."

  Sacchi pointed out Italy's success at the 2013 UEFA EURO U-21 Championships, where the Azzurrini finished second after losing the final to Spain, as representing the highlight of his tenure.

  "We eliminated a team like Holland and five of those players went on to play in a World Cup semi-final," Sacchi added. "Over these last four years we have worked very hard to try and give the kids an extra dimension and an international outlook."

  In Italy we need to start reviewing things. A little self-criticism http://www.coininfifa.com/ do everyone a lot of good.Arrigo Sacchi, former technical coordinator of youth development with the FIGC

  Sacchi, who guided Italy to the final of the 1994 FIFA World Cup™ only to watch them lose to Brazil on penalties, believes the nation as a whole needs to indulge in "a little self-criticism" following another disappointing finals campaign. Italy, along with England, failed to escape Group D having won the world title as recently as 2006.

  "It was a figment of our imaginations that Italy could win it," Sacchi added. "It would have been a miracle, one which did not happen. We committed mistakes and needed to do more. In Italy we need to start reviewing things.

  "A little self-criticism would do FUT 15 Coins a lot of good. We can only improve if we stop crying over spilled milk. Italy needs to forget about cunning, careerism, short-cuts and compromises - otherwise we are down and out. I hope our nation is able to rise again."

 Building stadiums and infrastructure

  Brazil Promises 'Greenest FIFA World Cup' Brazil Fut coins runescape gold a package of pollution-cutting measures Tuesday aimed at making this year's World Cup more environmentally friendly, ranging from an emissions-trading scheme to a "green passport" smart-phone application.

  "We want to score green goals," said Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira at a press conference announcing the initiative.

  The World Cup and other major sports events generally leave giant carbon footprints.

  Building stadiums and infrastructure, flying in teams and fans, and hosting the games themselves all emit large amounts of Earth-warming greenhouse gases such as CO2.

  Teixeira said this year's World Cup, which runs from June 12 to July 13, is expected to directly add 59,000 tonnes of carbon to the atmosphere.

  When indirect emissions linked to the tournament are included, the total rises to 1.4 million tonnes -- just under half the footprint attributed to the London Olympics in 2012.

  The government has launched a program to offset that pollution by asking companies to give carbon credits in exchange for the right to advertise themselves as official "green seal" World Cup sponsors.

  The government has already offset 115,000 tonnes of emissions through such donations of carbon credits -- a tradable permit to emit a certain amount of greenhouse gases.

  "The Cup will open having offset 100 percent of its direct emissions," said Teixeira, vowing to continue working for "the greatest possible mitigation" of tournament-related CO2 before the end of the year.

  Together with the United Nations Environment Program, the government also launched a project called "green passport" to encourage football fans to practice environmentally sustainable tourism.

  About 600,000 foreigners and 3.1 million Brazilian tourists are expected to descend on the 12 host http://www.coininfifa.com/.

  Anticipating that many will want to explore the country between matches, the project proposes environmentally friendly travel itineraries from each host city, complete with a cell phone app.

  Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen is the project's official spokeswoman.

  Teixeira said this World Cup is the first where all host stadiums will have LEED certification -- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Deign, a sustainability seal of approval.

  Other programs announced Tuesday aim to train FIFA Coins collectors on recycling and set up stalls to sell locally produced organic food in host cities.

 Ndulula tapped the ball into the net

 Vilakazi goals help South Africa sink Sudan South Runescape 2007 Gold Africa cruised to a 3-0 victory in Sudan on Friday as the group phase of the 2015 CAF Africa Cup of Nations qualifying competition kicked off. It was a dream start for new coach Ephraim 'Shakes' Mashaba in Group A as his new-look, youthful side gradually took control against a woeful home side in sweltering Omdurman.

  Substitute Sibusiso Vilakazi scored twice within seven minutes early in the second half at the El-Merrikh Stadium and Bongani Ndulula added a late third goal. It was a record-equalling away win for Bafana Bafana in an Africa Cup qualifier having beaten Chad by the same score in a 2008 eliminator. And it was a record Nations Cup home defeat in a qualifier for the Jediane Falcons, whose worst previous results were two-goal losses to Ghana (twice), Algeria and Côte d'Ivoire.

  The highlights of a scrappy opening half before a large crowd were acrobatic saves by the rival goalkeepers and captains Moez Mahjoub and Senzo Meyiwa. Although Sudan won more possession, the miss of the opening half came from South African Tokelo Rantie, who shot wide from close range after Mahjoub failed to grasp a cross.

  A half-time talk from Mashaba had the desired effect and Vilakazi broke the deadlock on 55 minutes by poking into the net a loose ball after a corner was not cleared. Slick, short passes carved open the Sudanese defence after 61 minutes and 2014 South African Footballer of the Year Vilakazi beat Mahjoub with a fierce close-range shot.

  Ndulula tapped the ball into the net from inside the six-yard box on 79 minutes and the closest Sudan came to a consolation goal was a Mohamed Tahir header that rebounded off the post. Defending champions Nigeria and Congo Brazzaville, the other teams in the group, meet on FUT 15 Coins in Calabar.

 The COO of EA Sports, Peter Moore

 After a very successful experience with Runescape 2007 Gold, that time has arrived when footballing gamers check EA Sports’ official website with itchy gaming fingers looking for any news or gossip about the next edition of FIFA. In this case, the excitement and eagerness is for the awaited FIFA 15.


fifa 15


  Here are the news and updates on the next edition of FIFA.

  EA Sports confirm FIFA 15 will be released this year

  The COO of EA Sports, Peter Moore, has made the most important announcement for FIFA lovers that there will certainly be a FIFA 15 release this year. The game will bear a resemblance to its predecessors like 13 & 14 in terms of gameplay. But the biggest modification will be in the game’s graphics and liveliness of the atmosphere. Moore has stated that only the hardcore FIFA fanatics will be able to distinguish the changes in the new instalment from its previous versions.

  Moore said, “Once players see the right name on the back of the player’s jersey, they know they are playing a brand new game.”

  FIFA 15 Release Date

  FIFA returns every year just like Autumn embraces us on every http://www.coininfifa.com/ cycle. With that being said, September or October are generally the months when EA releases the game.

  With some strategic changes and graphical upgrades, we can expect EA to surpass our expectations. As Peter Moore also said that “with FIFA 14 it’s just the beginning of an era which will change the FIFA fans parameters of expectations.”

  FIFA 15 features, that fans want to be included/changed:

  The fans of FIFA have submitted their personal opinions on the EA forum, suggesting changes they should apply to the next edition. Keeping those interesting suggestions in mind we can expect FIFA 15 to improvise or change certain aspects of its gameplay.

  1. Improvement in Offside rule and Offside actions

  2. Manager Task should be expanded starting from building the team and also addition of weekly task and long term changes like full IF team or to score 500 goals could help to extend the experience over the many months we play for. The rewards for achieving these end-game tasks should be handsome too.

  3. Currently we have friendly matches for contracts and players fitness but instead we can have practice mode where you can freely experiment with different formations, styles, chemistry and players until you find what you deem to be the perfect mix.

  4. Start With Week Foot and Then Upgrade Skills - In FIFA game, it should have a moderate start and then boost the skills as the continues. This feature is not very interesting but on the long run this will help the player to start in a realistic manner and feel the game enthusiasm.

  5. Adding key international teams like Croatia, Bosnia,Nigeria, Slovenia and clubs like Fenerbache, Dinamo Zagreb and Bate Borisov.

  6. Realistic animations of FUT 15 Coins players.


This is the right time for me

  Germany Fifa coins fans have some Runescape 2007 Gold news to digest in the wake of the national team’s fourth FIFA World Cup™ win. Five days after helping Die Mannschaft see off Argentina in the Final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, captain Philipp Lahm, one of the standard-bearers of German football, has announced his retirement from the international game.

  The news has been greeted with shock in Germany, particularly as the 30-year-old gave no indication during the World Cup that he was making his last appearances for his country.

  “This is the right time for me,” he commented, before adding that he was leaving the national team on excellent terms. Lahm went on to explain that he had been mulling over the decision for some time: “I knew I wouldn’t be carrying on after this World Cup.”

  The skipper informed Germany coach Joachim Low of his intentions during breakfast on Monday, only a matter of hours after the 1-0 extra-time defeat of Argentina.

  Versatile, valuable and popular

  The Bayern Munich fullback or defensive midfielder has long had the ability to catch people off balance, as he has shown throughout an international career that lasted over ten years and during which he frustrated opponents and thrilled Germany fans with his raids down the flanks. On this occasion, however, it is off the pitch that the Munich-born Lahm has wrong-footed everyone.

  While there has been plenty of speculation over the last few days about the future of Low and 36-year-old striker Miroslav Klose, there was no inkling that the team captain would be calling it a day.

  “For the last ten years he has been a fantastic player for the national team and, above all else, the perfect role model. I thanked him for all he has achieved on behalf of the DFB,” said Wolfgang Niersbach, the president of the German Football Federation (DFB). Explaining that he had spoken to Lahm by telephone on Friday, Niersbach said he quickly realised there was no point in trying to get the player to change his mind."

  Last Sunday’s Final was Lahm’s 113th match for Germany, making him his country’s fourth most-capped player behind Lothar Matthaus (150), Klose (137) and Lukas Podolski (116). The Bayern Munich man is also the fourth Mannschaft captain to lift the World Cup Trophy, after Fritz Walter in 1954, Franz Beckenbauer in 1974 and Matthaus in 1990. Now an undisputed legend of the game, he is bowing out at the peak of his powers, having proved himself to be a consistent performer at the very highest level over many years.

  A spearhead of the Germany team at Brazil 2014, Lahm’s many attributes include his versatility, which he showed in starting the tournament as the side’s midfield organiser, a role in which he starred last season under club coach Pep Guardiola. Following the hard-fought 2-1 defeat of Algeria in the Round of 16, however, Low moved him to the right side of a four-man defence, leaving his long-time sidekick Bastian Schweinsteiger – now fully recovered from injury – to pick up the reins in midfield.

  In an interview with Stern magazine ahead of the quarter-final against France, Lahm spoke of the tactical switch: “The important thing for me is to find the best solution for the team, and that means I have to be tactically disciplined.”

  His role in Low’s side had generated plenty of debate in the lead-up to Brazil 2014, though the player himself said he had no interest in adding his views to the discussion.

  A national talisman

  Lahm made his Germany debut in a 2-1 defeat of Croatia on 18 February 2004, and went on to score five goals for his country, the most fondly remembered of them a spectacular strike against Costa Rica in the Opening Match of Germany 2006, a goal that got the tournament off to the best possible start. Four years http://www.coininfifa.com/ at South Africa 2010, with Michael Ballack laid low by injury, Low had no hesitation in handing the ultra-dependable Lahm the captain’s armband.

  “He understands the coach’s instructions and interprets them perfectly,” said Jurgen Klinsmann, Germany’s assistant coach at the time.

  Blessed with a rare ability to read the game and the archetypal utility player, Lahm will forever embody the spirit and quality of the side that brought German football its fourth world title. His dynamism and elegance also encapsulate Die Mannschaft’s recent radical shift towards a finely honed brand of football.

  “I am proud and happy that my retirement from international football has coincided with winning the World Cup in Brazil,” said Lahm in an open letter published on the DFB’s official website on Friday afternoon. “My thanks to all of you for a wonderful time.”

  Having entered a new era following its triumphant campaign in Brazil, German FUT 15 Coins is now pondering the question of who will fill the position occupied up to now by one of the greatest defenders in its history.

malheureusement certains modes seront absents

 EA Sports dévoile le contenu des Runescape 2007 Gold FIFA 15 de la Xbox 360 et PS3, malheureusement certains modes seront absents


fifa 15


  EA Sports a dévoilé un communiqué de presse où ils dévoilent le contenu des versions PS3 et Xbox 360. Mais il semblerait que certains modes jeux seront absents sur les consoles old-gen. Les Clubs Pro ont été supprimés afin d’optimiser d’autres éléments de FIFA 15 tels que la jouabilité, la Gestion d’équipe, FIFA Ultimate Team et d’autres modes.

  Voici la déclaration d’EA Sports et la liste des modes de ces versions:

  Suite à la Gamescom, il ne fait pas de doute que les fans voient en la PS4 et la Xbox One l’avenir du jeu vidéo. Les nouvelles consoles offrent des services en direct significatifs et permettent de plonger au cœur de nouvelles expériences. Nous sommes d’ailleurs très heureux de montrer la voie avec FIFA 15. Depuis l’E3 en juin dernier, nous vous avons présenté ce que vous réserve FIFA 15 sur Xbox One, PS4 et PC avec la technologie IGNITE.

  En s’appuyant sur la jouabilité de FIFA 15, la plus réactive jamais développée, et sur d’importantes innovations dans les modes de jeu comme le nouveau système de gestion d’équipe, les versions PS3 et Xbox 360 de FIFA 15 sont également très novatrices. Certains d’entre vous nous ont indiqué qu’ils n’étaient pas encore prêts à passer à FIFA 15 sur PS4/PC/Xbox One et nous tenons à vous informer de tout le travail accompli par l’équipe de développement Gen 3 sur FIFA 15. Nous profitons également de cette occasion pour vous informer des choses que http://www.coininfifa.com/ n’avons pas pu intégrer dans les versions PS3 et Xbox 360 de FIFA 15 – notamment les Clubs Pro. La décision de supprimer les Clubs Pro des versions PS3 et Xbox 360 est dictée par notre volonté d’optimiser les autres éléments de FIFA 15 comme la jouabilité, la Gestion d’équipe, FIFA Ultimate Team et d’autres modes. Nous avons beaucoup travaillé sur le réalisme sans précédent apporté aux championnats et aux équipes afin qu’il soit identique à ce qu’il est sur PS4, Xbox One et PC.

  Liste complète des modes disponibles dans FIFA 15 sur Xbox 360 et PS3 :

  FIFA Ultimate Team – Joueurs de prêt, Équipes Concept, Saisons amicales et Légendes (exclusivement surXbox One et Xbox 360). Découvrez les nouveautés de FIFA Ultimate Team [lien vers l'article FUT 15]

  Mode Carrière – La gestion de votre équipe et les transferts n’ont jamais été aussi réalistes.

  EA SPORTS Football Club – Partagez des infos, entrez en interaction avec vos amis et profitez de la boutique pour acheter des éléments à débloquer avec le nouveau widget contextuel EA SPORTS FC.

  Mode Compétitions – Il revient dans FIFA 15 avec de nouveaux tournois.

  Saisons en ligne – Jouez en ligne dans un format saison. Grâce à l’option Affronter un ami, vous pouvez vous mesurer à vos amis avec votre équipe.

  Matchs amicaux en ligne – Affrontez vos amis en ligne.

  Saisons Coop – Jouez en ligne avec un ami et disputez des 2 contre 2.

  Jeux techniques – De nouveaux jeux techniques ont été ajoutés au mode d’entraînement le plus populaire avec notamment quatre nouveaux exercices consacrés aux bases : les dribbles, les tirs, les passes et la défense.

  Coup d’envoi

  Apprendre à jouer (bases de FIFA)

  Arène d’entraînements FUT 15 Coins