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spread out between the sections and deal with the above abilities

  Huzzah! Pinnacle of Storms, the final wing of Throne of FIFA Coins Raid Finder, is open this week, and that means you're almost done. If you're just venturing into ToT Raid Finder, we recommend you head over to our 5-second guides for the first, second, and third wings. Sell wow gold This wing is mostly downhill in terms of difficulty, especially after the Durumu pre-nerfed maze business, but can still prove to be a challenge to Raid Finder champions clueless on strategy. And just for you, we've put together a quick guide for the final wing. We accept cookies and high fives. (Thanks Zhonya for the help!)

  Iron Qon

  Tank swap at two stacks of Impale. Stay off of fire, ice, or lightning lines on the ground throughout the fight, reposition the boss as needed. During the lightning phase, move out of and away from tornadoes once sucked in. Move the boss to the back of the room. Stay spread out during lightning phase. During ice phase, move to hit the boss on his unshielded sides. Stack in his final phase for healing.

  Twin Consorts

  Tank Lu'lin and swap when Beast of Nightmares spawns. The tank with the beast needs to kill it solo. Don't directly heal this tank -- Atonement works well here. Don't stand in the fog that moves around the room. When Suen is out, tank swap at 2-3 stacks of Fan of Flames. Don't stand in fire. Tank Suen close to the ice when it spawns. Each tank pick up a boss when both spawn, and go back to surviving normal boss abilities when one dies. One player should be in charge of choosing a spirit from around the room and tracing the corresponding constellation that shows up on their screen. Ox = health buff, Crane = stampede of damaging cranes, Tiger = time slowed, Dragon = health and mana regen.

  Lei Shen

  Tank Lei Shen close to a conduit (starting with the West is nice). Watch the conduit and move onto the next once it has leveled three times. Taunt when the tank is affected by Decapitate. The affected tank needs to run away from the boss immediately. Each conduit has an ability the raid needs to deal with. North: Stack for Static Shock (blue arrow); East: Spread for Diffusion Chain; South: Stack on the giant player to avoid the Overcharged stun; West: Stand in the swirl to avoid spawning adds with Bouncing Bolt. wow gold for sale Run away from Thunderstruck, the large lightning circle on the ground, anytime it's cast. Tank and kill any adds that are spawned during the encounter.

  During intermission, spread out between the sections and deal with the above abilities, being sure to absorb Bouncing Bolts. Avoid the electrified section of the platform after. During phase two, tank swap for Fusion Slash (face your back away from the edge), stack for Summon Ball Lightning, and move out of the Lightning Whip. During phase three, stack for the balls, move out of the whip, don't get pushed off of the platform by winds, and tank swap for Overwhelming Power stacks if needed.  www.runmmo.com

It is said that EA replied to someone who complained about this issue

  Since so many people nowadays enjoy playing games on their mobile phones, WOW Gold has mobile versions like IOS and Android too. Just same as other versions, FIFA 15 mobile version has an issue of unable to connect at the end of the game. In this article we will figure out the issue of FIFA 15 mobile as well as possible solutions.


fifa 15 app issures

  Issues occurred on FIFA 15 Mobile

  According to reviews posted on Google’s Play Store and comments on several gaming forums (including EA’s official channel), players are experiencing an issue when trying to play the mobile version of FIFA 15 that players are cut off connections at the end of a match, thereby failing to register the match’s successful completion and the score is not being registered properly. Namely, you just waste time without any FIFA 15 coins won.

  Besides this issue above, there are many other problems that bothered FIFA 15 fans in game play that we don’t list here one by one.

  Bad Effects of This Issue

  It is really a frustrating issue because FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has microtransaction and in-game currency. It’s also a sports management game, which means that an important aspect of its game-play that players sink a lot of time and energy into is building a team full of their preferred players. To build and maintain a team, you have to spend either FIFA 15 coins or “FIFA points,” the two types of in-game currency. Points are a much more valuable form of currency. It costs 700 FIFA points (a little less than $7.99) to buy a “gold pack” while the same pack would run you 35,000 coins.

  But because of disconnecting issue at the end of the match, you will lose FIFA 15 coins as well as FIFA points. Let alone your time and energy.

  Possible solutions

  It is said that EA replied to someone who complained about this issue, saying that it was difficult to pinpoint the exact source problems and“We did find a minor issue affecting a small percentage of users causing them to drop before the game completed but it has since been fixed,” the EA said. “And at the moment we’re not receiving complaints about servers for the iOS/Android games.”

  Well the truth is we still find FIFA fans complaining about the issues recently, like this Monday. Anyway, since there are no official solutions provided, what we should do is waiting for the coming update. Then abandon FIFA 15? Of course not, keep playing and surely believe that you are lucky enough that you won’t meet that issue if you are a mobile FIFA 15 player.

  Above all, waiting for the official patch and keep enjoy your FIFA 15 tour. By the way, if you need cheap FIFA 15 coins, feel free to contact Fifa15-coins which is a reputed and trusted online coins store.  www.coininfifa.com


 Skills are a abilities that may be developed throughout the Runescape

 Skills are a abilities that may be developed throughout the Runescape

  Needed to train a skill that takes a lot of time, energy, and FIFA Coins good skill to want some complementary skills and do not have much to learn.And Runescape 2007 Gold related transactions.


  Grants players using melee weapons higher accuracy, thus increasing the number of hits dealt to an opponent during any given time period. Because more of the player's hits will be successful, the player's opponent will incur more damage per any given time period. Stronger weapons also require higher levels of Attack in order to equip.


  During melee, higher strength increases a player's maximum potential damage to an opponent for each successful hit. Stronger member's weapons may also require higher levels to equip. Also gives access to various agility shortcuts.


  Allows players to wear stronger armour, as well as decrease their chance of being hit. A common misconception is that high Defence reduces the maximum possible damage taken during melee with an opponent's successful hit. This is not true. However, because the chances of being hit are lower, the player will sustain less total damage per any given time period during melee. When the player is hit by an opponent, though, the full damage amount can be incurred.


  Allows players to fight with arrows and other projectiles from a distance and increases a player's chance to hit when using ranged. Ranged weapons, armour and some other items require a certain ranged level. Also gives members access to various agility shortcuts.


  Allows players to pray for assistance in combat, such as for stat boosts and immunity from attacks. Effects last until the player runs out of prayer points, or turns their prayers off. Can also be used to repair or bless gravestones. With a higher level you can also wear God robes and Temple Knight armour.


  Allows players to cast spells, including teleports and enchantments, through the use of different types of runes. Increases magic-based attack accuracy and reduces the chance for magic-based attacks to hit you.


  Allows players to sustain more damage without dying. Your base Life Points are forty times your Constitution level. All combat skills train Constitution at a rate of 1.33 experience per 10 damage done (with a few exceptions, eg, experience is not gained for any skill in the Stealing Creation activity).


  Allows players to craft items from raw materials, such as pottery, ranged armour, and jewellery.


  Allows players to obtain ores and gems from rocks found in some specific places. Ores can be used with the Smithing skill. Gems can be used with the Crafting skill.


  Allows players to smelt ores into bars, and smith bars into armour, weapons, and other useful items.


RS 2007 Gold



  Allows players to catch certain fish. The fish can then be sold or cooked and eaten.


  Allows players to cook food. The food can then be consumed to heal a player's life points. The higher the cooking level, the less chances of burning food.


  Allows players to light fires, lanterns, etc. Players can cook on these fires.


  Allows players to cut down trees for logs, and to carve out canoes for transportation.


  Allows players to make runes in special altars using tiaras, talisman staffs, or talismans, aiding in the Magic skill. Also a requirement to wield blast and surge boxes.


  Allows players to progress further down the dungeons of Daemonheim, unlocking access to exclusive weapons, treasures, monsters and areas. Relies on all non-member skills in F2P and all skills in P2P. Gives rewards only accessible through Dungeoneering.

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 Elf City

Elf City or Invention Skill? Which one will you vote for in runescape? www.mmofifa.com, Jagex has published a BTS video catches up with Mods Mark and Dean to talk about their first Power to the Players poll: Elf City or Invention Skill. Various players own different opinions. Let's see some players' opinion.


Elf City


  Elf City

  Elf City is the long-awaited Crystal city of Prifddinas, which is probably the oldest surviving settlement in the history of Gielinor. Prifddinas is one of the few places that is displayed on the World Map but is inaccessible. Based on Jagex, elf city may be released with the Mourning's Ends Part III quest in early 2014. There are some players' opinions as below:

  1. A city like that would be the perfect opportunity for Jagex to use it as an incentive for lower levels to aspire to want to one day be able to enter it, and complete the bucket load of quests needed to enter it.

  2. I've been waiting for the Elven city quest for ages.

  3. Would rather have something everyone has been wanting for years instead of another rushed skill with no lore

  Invention Skill


Invention Skill


  Invention will be the 27th skill, which will be the companion skill to Divination. According to Mod Mark, it is man's defence against the gods. With this skill, players will be able to upgrade weapons and skilling tools. It will also be possible to create contraptions as well as lightning and soul weapons. Players will also be able to combine weapons that they already own. There are some players' opinions as below:

  1. I'll likely be voting for Invention since I see it having more use in the long run, and we've waited this long for the next Elf quest, so I guess we can wait a bit longer.

  2. I was planning on voting for Invention anyway. I saw the BTS and Mod Mark mentioned that the skill could grind for you.

  What's your opinion about that? Elf City or Invention Skill? Which one will you vote for in runescape? The Elf City is a huge update, as is the Invention FIFA Coins. No matter which one is going to come out, let us look forward to it!