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  Treasure Hunter Prizes

As we said previously, Treasure Hunter is now finally coming out 07 RS Gold runescape. Treasure Hunter is a reinvention of the Squeal of Fortune minigame, which you will meet with a new improved interface, new features and new prizes. Through Jagex's long days' efforts, you are able to enjoy it right now!


Treasure Hunter


  Treasure Hunter Keys

  Unlike Squeal of Fortune, there will be no spins anymore, while Treasure Hunter Keys will instead. To be honest, although spins and keys are the different names, they substantially are the same thing.

  Firstly, you are able to obtain them in the same way with spins, such as completing daily challenges and killing monsters, etc. Secondly, any existing spins you left from Squeal of Fortune will automatically convert to Treasure Hunter Keys.

  Treasure Hunter Prizes

  As for the previous prizes in Squeal of Fortune, you can still win them in Treasure Hunter. However, those prizes will aim at your current skill levels, which will help you in training skill. So you may need to use your prizes in skill training immediately.

  Moreover, expect those previous prizes; you can now also win a few new prizes. There are lucky versions of the Bandos helmet, Armadyl crossbow and the garb, gown and hood of subjugation, as well as an all-new mimic pet waiting for you!

  Hearts of Ice

  Worried about your rewards being earned? Hearts of Ice will solve this problem for you perfectly! You are able to receive 100 Hearts of Ice once you started, which can be used to freeze the different prize categories.

  Each time you open a treasure chest, up to 10 Hearts of Ice will be used. Therefore, you are able to get more Hearts of Ice through daily challenges or bundled with Treasure Hunter keys bought.

  You are allowed to click the treasure chest icon to log-in, or access via the Extras interface to enjoy it right now. Jagex believe that they have tried their best to keep in with the spirit of runescape. So cheap fifa coins don't you try it and then make your judgment.