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Blizzard took the rage gain off of Unwavering Sentinel already

  Because we already had a lot of stuff to discuss this week, let's look back at the FUT Coins Sell wow gold before we get rolling. A lot of the changes Dr. Street mentioned have gone live in the most recent beta build. I ran around and tested out the protection and fury changes while exploring Towlong Steppes, did some grouping, and in general played around to see what the average player experience would feel like. I haven't gotten a chance to play with the Glyph of Unending Rage yet, but I am definitely interested in doing so.

  Frankly, right now, protection feels much beefier than fury. It seems like it hits much harder and takes so little damage that you can essentially never stop for food or bandages and are never in danger from quest mobs, whereas several times as fury I went below half health and into sub-25% territory. Instancing is still taking some getting used to. Right now, I think Shield Barrier is coming out ahead in terms of the mitigation abilities you'll want to rely on.



  The thing about Shield Barrier right now is, you can use it with 20 rage or more, and it only gets better the more rage you have. So you can throw a quick Shield Barrier up as soon as you hit 20 rage or wait and hold onto rage until you're nearly full up. Frankly, I can't imagine ever hitting Heroic Strike as a protection warrior. If you have rage to bleed off, you're going to hit Shield Barrier, unless you just can't wait for that 1.5-second cooldown to bleed off some rage, in which case you'll probably just hit Shield Block.

  Shield Barrier can get pretty hefty, too.



  That's at about 40 rage, in gear ranging from heroic Dragon Soul to quest rewards that range between ilevel 429 to 450. My health in that gear is about 259k, which means it's close to 15% of my health pool as a damage absorb that I can put up pretty regularly. (I would estimate that I have enough rage for a 40 rage Shield Barrier every 6 seconds.) Shield Barrier is very strong right now. And since Vengeance stacks just fine when you have an absorb up, this means that Shield Barrier prevents you from taking around 15% of your health as damage while allowing you to stack up Vengeance as if you did take that damage.

  This plays out as you hitting like a truck and wow gold for sale, while the mobs hitting you barely even register. It's incredibly nice for going out into the world and getting quests done, especially in zones where it's difficult to drop combat due to high mob spawn rates.

  Blizzard took the rage gain off of Unwavering Sentinel already, but frankly, I don't think prot needs it. With Shield Slam giving 15 rage, Revenge giving 10 rage (although Revenge now only procs off of dodges and parries, not blocks), and Sword and Board now working off of Devastate, rage doesn't seem to be bad at all. The Revenge change means you can't force a Revenge with Shield Block anymore, which is the other reason I think Shield Barrier is going to overshadow Shield Block. I'm also worried that combined with the two-roll system, mastery and block just got even worse now that block doesn't proc Revenge. And I worry that the new Second Wind is too weak to be worth taking. Generally speaking, if you're below 35% health, a 3% per second heal pales compared to the 20% total you can get every minute with Enraged Regeneration.

  As far as threat, I'm not seeing any real issues in that department. Thunder Clap and Shield Slam both hit like tanks driven by irate mother bears whose cubs you have harassed. The combination of Devastate, Revenge and Shield Slam are plenty of single-target threat, and Thunder Clap, Cleave and Revenge are strong AoE threat. And any one of the level 60 talents will serve you as a boost to your AoE damage, depending on if you want one you can hit every 20 seconds, minute, or minute and a half. I tanked Stormstout Brewery with Bladestorm in my rotation, and it worked fine.

  So far, I'm pretty happy with protection. Fury, on the other hand, not so much.



  Frankly, it's not really fury's damage that concerns me right now. Does it feel low? Yes, and we're far enough into the beta that I think it's worth saying so. When I feel like I do just as much if not more damage as protection, that's an issue -- especially when my protection spec still has items from normal DS in it and my fury set is using two 429 weapons with Elemental Force enchants. I don't just switch to prot to kill while taking less damage; I do it to kill faster.

  As some of you have argued, part of the problem is the loss of critical strike with the change back to Battle Shout as an attack power buff and the loss of Rampage. Of the two changes, the loss of rampage is far more critical. My fury kit, as I've put in upgrades ranging up to ilevel 450, has shed crit like an excited person throwing pants over a bush before going skinnydipping, and it's really hurting the chance to enter an enrage. Without an enrage, our rage generation with the new Bloodthirst is pretty weak, and we can't use Raging Blow.

  The new Bloodthirst is a mixed bag. On the one hand, it's good that we can use it more often, but the rage it generates was cut in half, while the cooldown was cut by a quarter. That means we're generating less rage overall, and even the specialization's passive chance to proc a crit doesn't make up for the loss of Rampage. This is not to say that rage is terribly hard to acquire, but droughts and dry spells are a lot more common with fury. Even the positive change to Colossus Smash doesn't really ameliorate these droughts, although it is welcome to have rage-free Colossus Smash when you find yourself waiting for an enrage to give you good rage generation back.



  I do think Blizzard's getting closer to a workable rage design for these two specs. Protection in particular is right on the cusp of being perfect. Fury I just think needs a better iteration of that Bloodthirst passive. Right now, I'm dropping Skull Banner on cooldown, but that just increases my critical damage, not my critical strike chance. I'm also hitting Recklessness on cooldown, but that's a long cooldown to use, and when you're not even using it for damage so much as just to try and even out enrages, it feels anemic.

  I guess that's fury in a nutshell right now. The framework of the spec is in place, but that screaming barbarian looks like he needs to take some iron supplements and maybe eat something. He's kind of wan. When I get enraged, it feels awesome, but the time between enrages takes up more time than I think is good for the spec.

  By next week, I hope to get some more time on as arms, unless Blizzard goes and changes everything around again. It's a beta, they do that. Truth be told, it's half the fun.  www.coininfifa.com

Get this horse magical flying horse method is very simple

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It is said that EA replied to someone who complained about this issue

  Since so many people nowadays enjoy playing games on their mobile phones, WOW Gold has mobile versions like IOS and Android too. Just same as other versions, FIFA 15 mobile version has an issue of unable to connect at the end of the game. In this article we will figure out the issue of FIFA 15 mobile as well as possible solutions.


fifa 15 app issures

  Issues occurred on FIFA 15 Mobile

  According to reviews posted on Google’s Play Store and comments on several gaming forums (including EA’s official channel), players are experiencing an issue when trying to play the mobile version of FIFA 15 that players are cut off connections at the end of a match, thereby failing to register the match’s successful completion and the score is not being registered properly. Namely, you just waste time without any FIFA 15 coins won.

  Besides this issue above, there are many other problems that bothered FIFA 15 fans in game play that we don’t list here one by one.

  Bad Effects of This Issue

  It is really a frustrating issue because FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has microtransaction and in-game currency. It’s also a sports management game, which means that an important aspect of its game-play that players sink a lot of time and energy into is building a team full of their preferred players. To build and maintain a team, you have to spend either FIFA 15 coins or “FIFA points,” the two types of in-game currency. Points are a much more valuable form of currency. It costs 700 FIFA points (a little less than $7.99) to buy a “gold pack” while the same pack would run you 35,000 coins.

  But because of disconnecting issue at the end of the match, you will lose FIFA 15 coins as well as FIFA points. Let alone your time and energy.

  Possible solutions

  It is said that EA replied to someone who complained about this issue, saying that it was difficult to pinpoint the exact source problems and“We did find a minor issue affecting a small percentage of users causing them to drop before the game completed but it has since been fixed,” the EA said. “And at the moment we’re not receiving complaints about servers for the iOS/Android games.”

  Well the truth is we still find FIFA fans complaining about the issues recently, like this Monday. Anyway, since there are no official solutions provided, what we should do is waiting for the coming update. Then abandon FIFA 15? Of course not, keep playing and surely believe that you are lucky enough that you won’t meet that issue if you are a mobile FIFA 15 player.

  Above all, waiting for the official patch and keep enjoy your FIFA 15 tour. By the way, if you need cheap FIFA 15 coins, feel free to contact Fifa15-coins which is a reputed and trusted online coins store.  www.coininfifa.com


FIFA14 promotion is not big on the game screen performance

  After following the September release of zombies 2, EA FUT Coins its also a real heavyweight works FIFA the latest series of works FIFA 14 in the Android platform finally, as the FIFA series, the 14 joined Real for touch screen mobile phone equipment tailored control function, gesture the new operating system to join to create a console like control experience, the other 14 also includes almost all the elements of the 13, richly detailed players, team and League data, update the transfer data and so on, the pattern of diversification of game with, let this after wind and rain baptism, with most of the football game player grew up with games destined to will accompany us to enter a new round of football crisis.

  FIFA14 promotion is not big on the game screen performance, the overall feeling is still good, but need to put, screenshot view can still be seen obvious serrations on the computer, but the naked eye in the mobile phone is unable to see these small flaws, relative games in high resolution screen shots are relatively good, in recent years, the football game is more and more emphasis on authenticity, due to the high strength against the football game player, and manufacturers are more concerned about the reduction in the football match the real situation, such as running, shooting, celebration players, players collide to produce physical effects and so on, at this point FIFA series do very well, since FIFA since 13, has greatly improved realism.

  The size of a football field and players how accurate proportion, it will look more close to the real game, players with pitch size proportion is more coordinated, will not let the game player to produce players too large or too small space feeling, the other in this generation of game players a feeling stronger, no more stylized, everyone on the court action is relatively free of nature, will have a different feedback action etc. according to the player's ability, authenticity is greatly increased, dribble moves more realistic and natural. In FIFA14, the EA on its website, game propaganda on several keywords, keyword first emphasis is pure shot, which is a new concept of the new features and new physics system to completely change the shots, simply let the players each attacks look more realistic. 4 new features and games, the 4 new features, game player who is making the favorable opportunity, and control the rhythm of the game, summed up the ball more Henry, his teammates more wit, and more flexible, more sense of the ball! 

Shouldn’t he keep his focus on the Football career?

  The American goalkeeper Tim Howard, widely known by most FIFA Coins fans, recently announced that he would have a break for almost a year, which was appraised as “an outside the box thinker”. Today, Safewow will help you get a bird's eye view for Howard's burgeoning media career.


  Born with extremely persuasive language talent and profound insight:

  Tim Howard is ferocious in his penalty area. The American goalkeeper spits out a volley of colorful verbiage, at high volume, in the white-hot passion of play. “It’s just part of who I am out there,” he says about his dominant physical presence and vocal outbursts for club side Everton and his national team. It’s hard to believe, given his persona on the pitch, that his musings as a TV analyst are so measured and insightful, so full of clean, calm wit.

  In the age of 35, he is taking his first, uneasy steps into another box of sorts, the television broadcast booth.

  "In a lot of ways it’s the same as a game: you want to do your best and you want to get it right.” — Tim Howard

  The former Manchester United keeper will carry a lighter workload this year. He’s decided to take a one-year hiatus from playing for USA to spend more time with his children.

  "I was so nervous when I first started,” Howard told official FIFA about his first season as a co-commentator for the English Premier League on NBC Sports. “I had no idea if I’d like it or if I’d even be any good. I was the first guy to do it, to comment on a game while still playing in the same league.”

  Shouldn’t he keep his focus on the Football career?

  Robert Martinez, the coach who led Howard and the Toffees to an impressive fifth-place finish last term, had the answer. “I was happy for Tim to do it,” said the Spaniard, who also enjoys the occasional turn on a television panel. “He doesn’t get distracted. He’s a leader and Tim’s belief and understanding of the game and desire is contagious.”

  We should believe that the highflying man could handle all of issue, maybe it’s a new challenge for him. But unfortunately, most FIFA players will not see his glorious performance in real life.

  Don’t be upset, on the official FIFA 14 website, you can encounter Howard brimmed with energy again. FUT Coins, Safewow will help you get cheapest FIFA coins and have a better experience in games.

PES is the one who achieves greater realism in the use of the ball

  This year fans of football video games have great FIFA Coins to expect the month of September: FIFA 14 and PES 2014 will debut the same day (Tuesday 24) including-for the first time in its history-to the 18 teams in the league Chilean covers celebrating the local tournament. Tried the demos of both games Festigame, which closes today at Estación Mapocho. And although we do not represent the final version will be in stores, show where each company is targeting.

  New use of ball

  If there is something that unites both titles in its 2014 version is the special care we put to use the ball and action within the game.

  Both FIFA and PES, the ball has a more realistic behavior. It's much easier to lose if you are not a skilled player and no longer remains "stuck to the feet" longer than necessary, as in previous editions. For example, if you walk, it will be easier to master the ball, but if he runs will be done at the right pace, for otherwise the ball will go before you and another player can take it away.

  PES is the one who achieves greater realism in the use of the ball. Although this is not necessarily an advantage for a casual user of this type of games, like me. Too much realism does lose the ball easily and the match was interrupted more than they should, which takes away fluidity and entertainment. I'll stick with FIFA 2014.


  Both games also show a new artificial intelligence work to incorporate a more harmonious work for players that are not being controlled by the user. In both versions improved the team's collective movement, which now moves with greater realism in game tactics (as anticipate passes and moves).

  FIFA has always been a PES a game simulator and to demonstrate skills, but this time is more noticeable than ever.

  In my experience with FIFA 14, often felt to be being helped by my computer instead of cluttering. In PES 2014 is proclaimed the option of total control of actions, including playmates, so that each error is always the fault of the player to the game. There are two styles and, therefore, have created two completely different types of audiences.

  Regarding the player you control, PES 2014 is about realism like never before has characterized both FIFA. This year, for example, PES incorporates a ball-handling system at 360 degrees, very similar to what I had been doing FIFA. The system called TrueBall Tech allows finer movements. Contact between players also feels much more real, surpassing in this case even the FIFA collision systems.

  However, I feel that opting for the path of realism, PES has lost speed and vertigo (features that fans of the series looking) and although it is trying to get close to what your opponent, the execution is not as good.


  From a visual standpoint, this year PES has an advantage. Not only debuts new graphics engine (Fox Engine), but is designed only for the current consoles: PS3 and Xbox 360. And that makes both faces of the players and the stadiums are more close to the real. PES Even the public reacts to close and not statically.

  FIFA 14 will have two versions: one for current consoles and one for Xbox and PS4 One. These will look and play better, but probably not come to Chile this year (no official release date has yet).


  Another important point is the licensing. So far in PES 2014 will only be possible to play with the Chilean league in the same championship. But FIFA, as they told their directors, the teams can face any other, from anywhere in the world. That is, matches between Colo Colo and Real Madrid and Everton de Viña del Mar with Everton of England will be possible. That's a big advantage.

  Verdict: after trying both demos, my first impression is that FIFA has an advantage this race. Without risking too much and adding to what has already been built, delivered a game that feels familiar, yet different.

  PES, meanwhile, is changing all the rules of the game and although the 2014 version is far superior to that of 2013, their changes do not go in the direction that his fans were asking, it was back to the FUT Coins of the series: A agile and dynamic game.

It was a rather intense discussion

  The possibility that the Chilean national FIFA Coins or national clubs could be barred from participating in international tournaments took root in La Moneda.

  The government reported yesterday that sent in the coming days a ban on digital television law recently passed in Congress. The document may include the amendment of Article 17 of the digital TV standard, which states that all parties of the Chilean football should be transmitted by open signal channels. The text generated controversy with FIFA and CONMEBOL.

  "President Piñera is preparing a veto. All materials that have been debated, including Article 17, are being studied to see if they are included in the ban,"said Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick.

  Authority 's reaction came a day after The Third had issued the letter sent by the South American Football Confederation on 25 October, 10 days after the adoption of digital TV bill in Congress, the Chilean Football Federation, warning of sanctions to the selection and local teams.

  In the letter, CONMEBOL article states that the Chilean digital law violates the rules of the organization, which owns"primordial rights of all parties and powers without any restrictions".

  Previously, Fifa, by another letter to NPPA, made ​​clear how important it is to finance the activities of the organization the commercial exploitation of their broadcasting rights of football matches.

  Complaints football regulators surprised the Chilean authorities for processing the digital TV law was extended for five years and since 2011 it was included in the debate the obligation to open channels to transmit matches national team.

  "Indeed, the Senate approved the rule that if you want to stream the matches of the cable channels, so must the channels free to air. It was a rather intense discussion, but it did not see very active NPPA leaders", said Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Pedro Pablo Errazuriz.

  The Secretary of State, although generally praised the law passed by Congress, thanks to cross political agreement, acknowledged that there are some Articles that are not like the government and would be subject to presidential veto. The government expects to meet the Constitutional Court's ruling on the injunction filed in late October by 36 deputies, to define the content of the veto. This week, the TC start hearing relating to the appeal against the law of digital TV.

  "The discussion about law - ta is right now in the TC, the government has to wait for that instance FUT Coins to determine what steps we will take as a government,"said Minister Errazuriz.

 Cristiano Ronaldo current actual situation

  The latest reports as repeatedly left FIFA Coins injury in the season and the injury was aggravated , the Portuguese team 's top players this summer, Cristiano Ronaldo is facing the risk of missing the World Cup in Brazil .

  According to media detailed disclosure , Cristiano Ronaldo left knee and muscle groups in the vicinity of several injuries this season , resulting in injury to the affected area so far inflammation and edema , Portugal coach Paul - Bento had to ask the Football Association to hire a Real Madrid team doctor Javier - Mulberry Tamar Leah to the diagnosis and treatment of Cristiano Ronaldo injury , and Cristiano Ronaldo full escort during the World Cup . But Hua Santa Maria is not alive , he can only alleviate the injury to Cristiano Ronaldo brought torture by drugs , but can not help the Portuguese in such a short time, fully recovered, the state of play to the best World Cup .

  This season is relatively the lowest attendance since joining Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo season because of injury and red card three times sake , the Portuguese missed eight league games , a Champions League and King's Cup three games , the King 's Cup final he missed due to injury Battle of Barcelona , the league the last two rounds if he is not absent because of injury , it may not be lost to Real Madrid 0-2 Celta away , and thus missed a great opportunity to win the Triple Crown .

  In the final stage of the season , Real Madrid in order to allow C Ronaldo played in the game against Dortmund , Bayern , Espanyol and Atletico Madrid and other enemies Injured Cristiano Ronaldo is risky comeback , results which greatly exacerbated the Portuguese injuries , resulting in he could not completely recovered during the World Cup .

  Cristiano Ronaldo current actual situation , in fact, than Spain 's Diego - Costa well a little bit. C Ronaldo 's game against Valladolid played only nine minutes on end, Costa is played nine minutes to exit in the Champions League . From the current situation, even if Cristiano Ronaldo can travel with the World Cup campaign , but can not exclude the possibility of Santa Maria repeatedly thus unable to continue participating in the Cristiano Ronaldo 's injury occurred during the contest , once the Cristiano Ronaldo left knee injury aggravated , the Portuguese Cup final is likely to completely FUT Coins the rest of the entire game.

They have spent four months in recording dialog with EA SPORTS FIFA

  Recently, EA has posted that all-new Italian FIFA Coins team will be displayed in FIFA 15 so that players can buy FIFA coins to experience a new game play atmosphere. Actually, before this poat, many fans have been convinced that Tyler and Smith will be back in FIFA 15. But what is the truth?

  True or false: Tyler and Smith may be back in FIFA 15

  About on February, news that Tyler and Smith may be back FIFA 15 commentary team was spread wildly. A tweet from Base Soccer Agency showed that Smith and Martin Tyler were in session for FIFA 15, and what they recorded would be available on Mic.

  As we all know, Tyler and Smith were recording for FIFA 12. When the tweeter made a question whether there would be dramatic comments in FIFA 15, many fans replied no. personally, I expect their comments very much, because of their professionalism. What would you say?

  True: new Italian commentary team


  No one knows whether Tyler and Smith will be in FIFA 15 commentary team, but all-new Italian commentary team will be set in FIFA 15.

  EA has posted that, once FIFA 15 launches this September, a brand new Italian commentary team will meet with Italian fans. Pierluigi Pardo and Stefano Nava will join in it. Pierluigi Pardo, the leading figure in the FIFA 15 commentary booth, is a famous TV journalist, who hosts “Tiki Taka – Il calcio è il nostro gioco” (Tiki Taka – Football is our Game). You can appreciate his program on Radio24. As for Stefano Nava, he played for AC Milan, Servatte FC and Sampdoria as a defender. After retiring, he works for SKY Italia as a commentator.

  They have spent four months in recording dialog with EA SPORTS FIFA. Besides, Tyler and Smith may work for FIFA 15 on Mic.

  All fans should buy FIFA coins at gold4fans to enjoy new game play atmosphere. The journalist from FUT Coins program and the professional game commentator will bring all fans a brand new game play experience.

Inter Milan edged Dnipro on the road

  Everton Fifa 15 coins marked their first appearance in FIFA Coins since the 2009/2010 season with a 4-1 UEFA Europa League win over Wolfsburg, while Celtic and Tottenham were held to draws in tricky away assignments.

  The Merseysiders were ahead after just 15 minutes at Goodison Park when Ricardo Rodriguez put through his own goal after deflecting a Steven Naismith shot before a close-range header from Seamus Coleman made it 2-0 on the stroke of half-time.

  Leighton Baines added the third from the penalty spot two minutes after the break with Kevin Mirallas firing home a smart fourth two minutes from time after a fine pass from substitute Samuel Eto'o. Rodriguez grabbed a consolation for Wolfsburg with a curled free-kick past Tim Howard in the Everton goal in injury time.

  The English side went top of Group H after rivals Lille and Krasnodar drew 1-1 in France. Scottish champions Celtic came away from their trip to 1994 finalists Salzburg with an entertaining 2-2 Group D stalemate, twice being pegged back, while Spurs were goalless against Partizan in Belgrade.

  Ghanaian winger Wakaso Mubarak put Celtic in the lead in the first quarter of an hour in Austria on his loan debut. Brazilian striker Alan then levelled for the home side, his 35th minute shot deflected off defender Efe Ambrose. Minutes before, only Celtic keeper Craig Gordon's fingertips had kept out Andre Ramlho's header.

  After the restart, Gordon produced a superb double save to keep Salzburg at bay again. Scott Brown put the Scots back in front on the hour, his 30-yard screamer helped on its way by Andre Ramalho's leg. With 12 minutes left, Salzburg captain Jonatan Soriano earned the Austrians a share of the points with a free-kick, which flew over the wall and into the top corner of Gordon's net.

  Celtic boss Ronny Deila said: "It was a good result against a very good team. We worked better as a team today and stood the distance better."

  On Gordon's heroics in goal he added: "He was marvellous. He has been good all season and he is a top professional."

  In the other game in Celtic's group, on-loan Manchester United forward Angelo Henriquez was among the scorers as Dinamo Zagreb routed Astra Giurgiu of Romania 5-1.

  Tottenham, in their fourth Europa League campaign, made no fewer than ten changes from the side that drew with Sunderland in the English Premier League at the weekend, keeper Hugo Lloris the only survivor.

  Harry Kane almost gave the north Londoners a dream start to their bid to get out of Group C, his first minute attempt hitting the bar. But despite looking dangerous on occasions Tottenham lacked the killer touch and were unable to find a way through Partizan's defence.

  Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochettino said: "In the end it was a tough game and difficult to do well. We tried. One point was a fair result." We knew it would be difficult. The result was fair. We competed and got a clean sheet," he added.

  Inter edge Dnipro, Sevilla beat Feyenoord

  Elsewhere, Inter Milan edged Dnipro on the road, and goals from Aleksandr Kokorin and Aleksei Ionov lifted Dinamo Moscow to a 2-1 Group E win at Panathinaikos.

  Defending champions Sevilla enjoyed a 2-0 win over Feyenoord thanks to first-half strikes from Grzegorz Krychowiak and Stephane Mbia. Steaua Bucharest beat Aalborg 6-0 with Claudiu Keseru scoring an 11-minute second-half hat-trick.

  There were also three impressive wins for Italian clubs with Inter Milan claiming a 1-0 victory at Dnipropetrovsk, Napoli cruising 3-1 past Sparta Prague and Fiorentina claiming a 3-1 home win against Guingamp.

  For the first time this season's Europa League winners get a UEFA Champions League spot. This is the first matchday of the round robin phase with the top two from each of the 12 groups of four qualifying for the FUT Coins phase, where they are joined by the third-placed teams from the group phase of the Champions League.