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 Elf City

Elf City or Invention Skill? Which one will you vote for in runescape? www.mmofifa.com, Jagex has published a BTS video catches up with Mods Mark and Dean to talk about their first Power to the Players poll: Elf City or Invention Skill. Various players own different opinions. Let's see some players' opinion.


Elf City


  Elf City

  Elf City is the long-awaited Crystal city of Prifddinas, which is probably the oldest surviving settlement in the history of Gielinor. Prifddinas is one of the few places that is displayed on the World Map but is inaccessible. Based on Jagex, elf city may be released with the Mourning's Ends Part III quest in early 2014. There are some players' opinions as below:

  1. A city like that would be the perfect opportunity for Jagex to use it as an incentive for lower levels to aspire to want to one day be able to enter it, and complete the bucket load of quests needed to enter it.

  2. I've been waiting for the Elven city quest for ages.

  3. Would rather have something everyone has been wanting for years instead of another rushed skill with no lore

  Invention Skill


Invention Skill


  Invention will be the 27th skill, which will be the companion skill to Divination. According to Mod Mark, it is man's defence against the gods. With this skill, players will be able to upgrade weapons and skilling tools. It will also be possible to create contraptions as well as lightning and soul weapons. Players will also be able to combine weapons that they already own. There are some players' opinions as below:

  1. I'll likely be voting for Invention since I see it having more use in the long run, and we've waited this long for the next Elf quest, so I guess we can wait a bit longer.

  2. I was planning on voting for Invention anyway. I saw the BTS and Mod Mark mentioned that the skill could grind for you.

  What's your opinion about that? Elf City or Invention Skill? Which one will you vote for in runescape? The Elf City is a huge update, as is the Invention FIFA Coins. No matter which one is going to come out, let us look forward to it!

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